Updated the BlushyFaceBot web service to show songs that are previously requested and current songs in queue (see image). The plan is to hook up the website to the web service so that the song requests are shown but that’s a lower priority atm compared to the things that needs to be done in my to do list.

To use this feature (not available yet for everyone, it’s in my to do list to have it done soonTM!) you need to add yourself (meaning give permission) to the BlushyFaceBot so that it can join your channel and then add a link in your obs/xsplit to show the playing video in your stream.

As explained in the previous post, new commands are added such as !play <name optional> to play songs from that viewer only or play random songs with !playrandom, !autoplay is also added so that I don’t have to type !playrandom in chat every time as song has ended while I’m streaming.. That said, I added support for short youtube video links thanks to a viewer pointing out he was using a short link so now you can request songs both ways (www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SCQyBcHeDg or youtu.be/6SCQyBcHeDg)

To request a song, a “song request” token is needed that is given automatically by donating any amount or be my Patreon to request as many as you want without consuming a song request token. This is to limit troll/scare songs that otherwise anyone in chat can submit and post legit songs instead. This might or might not change in the future.

By allowing the BlushyFaceBot to join your channel, you will be able to use and configure most of the features of the bot such as enable/disable item drops that can drop in your channel, song requests, custom currency, timed commands, text to speech chat (requires the BlushyFaceBot client to use in obs/xsplit) and stuff you want to reward your donators automatically after making a donation (twitch alert/direct paypal support) etc and more features are being worked on.

Below is my stream settings in obs, playing the hamster dance.

Here is a screenshot showing the currently played song, requested by <someone>

And here is the database that holds the info, not very exciting as you can see but might be interesting to see how I’ve done it.

As a note: basically anyone that wants to develop a website or any software can do so by using the web service. For some calls there will be authentication required (such as /channel/(channelname)/donations) but for most, it’s freely available by calling the appropriate end points. I’m curious what people can/want to make with the BlushyFaceBot so if you are interested in developing software that makes use of the BlushyFaceBot web service let me know.

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