What is an “insider”?
Insiders are Twitch / Patreon subscribers / donators that are supporting my creative content.

By becoming an Insider you get instant access to my latest artwork including (depending on tier but not limited to):

  • A big thanks for supporting our content and creating content regularly such as the community web comics
  • “Insider / V.I.B (Very Important Blushy)” role in Discord
  • your own web comic character and might be included in future projects
  • art requests when doing creative streams on my Twitch channel -> www.twitch.tv/blushyface
  • early web comics / quickies preview before it’s published on the site
  • access Insiders only content and chat with other Insiders in Discord -> discord.gg/Z7fYft4
  • access to other unreleased behind-the-scenes content such as community projects I’m working on
  • ..and more!


  • there are several tiers for those that want to support me on Patreon.

Twitch sub

  • subscribing with Twitch also unlocks my global emotes to be used in Discord and other perks that comes with being a Twitch sub.
  • Twitch tier 1 sub includes the first two tiers (tier 1 and 2) listed above


  • when tippingĀ  / donating your message will be shown on stream (when streaming)


  • want to support my web comics but can’t sub because you don’t use Twitch / Patreon?
  • when supporting using paypal include your username / discord name to give you the perk


If you want to support the web comics but can’t subscribe consider a tip, thank you!

Humble Bundle parter link

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