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So I’ve been working on a few changes for the BlushyFaceBot “Twitch plays” game. From this update on, instead of creating the pet using the !creatpet command, pets will be hatch able from eggs.

Eggs are randomly dropped in chat and depending on your drop chance you might even receive rare eggs with better than average starting stats and when hatched, it will spawn a random pet with the same type (fire eggs only spawn fire pets) that you can raise into a powerful warrior/mage etc and fight other viewers, alone, or with a party fighting 3v3 battles etc.

That said, there is still lots of work to do like adding equip able gear for pets, artwork and a ton of other stuff I want to add, but I need someone that can help me that is creative in thinking pet names, types of pets, gear names and pet stats to balance the game, basically a game designer that can help me make the game fun to play. I suppose I can do it alone as I’ve been doing so far but I like to brainstorm ideas with other people.

If you know someone, or if you want to help, shoot me a message/whisper on Twitch or reply below so maybe we can get this game going much faster than I can do everything alone.

Below is a VOD I recorded on Twitch that shows 2 pets fighting each other (automated battle), one is mine and the other pet is from a viewer that I’m using to test with.

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