Basic database support added database support is added for MsSql (LiteDB and SQLite3 is being worked on), this means that we can now save/load users, compare current and previous stream sessions to find out how the stream is progressing and if the stream is doing better (or worse) than last time and more!

Also added some placeholder achievements / inventory items are added by default when a user joins the channel (such as a consumable candy). If anyone knows a (fun) achievement or inventory item to add (like song request tokens etc) let me know!

Updated readme.txt –>


– added MsSql database support
— save/load user data
— user inventory
— user achievements
— session data to charts
— streamlabs donations

[New to do’s ]

– draw achievement/item images
– add a website to show user achievements / inventory
– add shop for users to buy items
– allow items to be given/traded to other users



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