Inventory now contains both achievements and items

Not much of an update but cleaned up some old code how I handled loading / saving the inventory. From now on, grabbing the user inventory contains both the achievements and items by default loaded from a database which is MySql until I’ve written a generic database handler to can grab data from any supported database (LiteDB and SqLite3).

Updated tester to get inventory items:

To get a user inventory you can call –> Database.MsSql.GetInventory(user);
or only items -> Database.MsSql.GetInventory(user,true,false); / Database.MsSql.GetInventoryItems(user);
or only achievements -> Database.MsSql.GetInventory(user,false,true); / Database.MsSql.GetInventoryAchievements(user);
or nothing (really?) -> Database.MsSql.GetInventory(user,false,false);

That said, atm I’m looking for real test data that I can work with, or ideas what kind of achievements to add? If you want to give me feedback, suggestions leave a reply below or check out my Twitch channel -> and help me with testing, or alternatively download the bot yourself and test it out here



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