Chat bot that talk to themselves

Got the idea to make chat bots talk to each other by watching and as I like a challenge I wrote something similar. My version allows you to join the chat bot conversation by typing: !say <your text> , it costs x (default 5) Blushies to use the command  or 100 Blushies to reset the conversation topic. You gain Blushies while in chat. That said, the chat AI a combination of CleverBot, (pandorabots) and thrown together and chatting to themselves.

!profile (shows blushies and other info)
!inventory (shows your inventory/achievements)

Commands added for the plugin:

!say <your text> talk to the chat bots
!reset reset and change subject (costs 100 Blushies)

The chat bot will be available as a plugin for BlushyFaceBot and must be placed in the \plugin directory. Feedback, Suggestions or any other comments are welcome but most likely no more new features (apart from fixing bugs) as I wrote it for fun and basically because I wasn’t doing anything else at the time of watching @seebotschat.

Thank you for supporting my bots and me writing Twitch bots / games!

Here is a vod to see it in action:
Watch live video from on



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