Changed tester app to test updated functions + txt output support

Changed tester to test updated functions and also added txt support that is located in \output such as channels that host you, latest follower, latest donation, top monthly donation etc


using System;
using System.Linq;
using BlushyFaceTwitchLib.Api;
using BlushyFaceTwitchLib.Config;
using BlushyFaceTwitchLib.Database;

namespace Tester
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
var config = new Configuration(“#blushyface”); //default channel to join

// adding broadcaster credential is optional and will ignore given channel and join broadcaster channel instead
config.Auth.Add(new Credential(“oauth:…”, Credential.CredentialType.Broadcaster));
config.Auth.Add(new Credential(“oauth:…”, Credential.CredentialType.Bot));

// config.StreamLabsAccessToken = “”;   //optional get donations made using TwitchAlerts/Streamlabs
// config.StreamLabsLegacyToken = “”;
config.LoadConfigFromFile();            //load config from \config\config.txt
config.Validate();                      //validate credentials

//when validated..

// connect to chat
// config.ConnectToChat();

// send messages / whispers manually
// Irc.SendMessage(“BlushyFaceBot joined the channel!”);
// Irc.SendWhisper(“blushyface”, “This is a whisper test”);

//get channel object
var userName = “blushyface”;
var user = MsSql.GetUsers(config, userName).First(); //get user info from a MsSql database
user = Channel.GetChannelInfo(config, userName); //get user info from api

Console.WriteLine(“User name: ” +;
Console.WriteLine(“Created at: ” + user.created_at);
Console.WriteLine(“Category: ” +;
Console.WriteLine(“Total followers: ” + user.followers);
Console.WriteLine(“Currency: ” + user.Currency); //needs db
Console.WriteLine(“Time in chat: ” + user.TimeInChat); //needs db

foreach (var achievement in user.Inventory.Achievements)
//show list of user achievements
foreach (var item in user.Inventory.Items)
//show list of user items

//foreach (var follower in Channel.GetChannelFollowers(config))
//    //show list of followers

//foreach (var hosts in Channel.CheckChannelHosts(config))
//    //show list of hosts





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