Been a while but the project is still being worked on (though not as fast as i would like)

Been a few months since the last post of the blush battle game and not so much has been done but I’m still working on it, the battles itself are done (minus the artwork which is a major time consumer) and I’m currently designing how to show it on stream when no battles are going on.

Basically something like this i had in mind:

Top left is the leader board with a list of users that did most damage to the current boss (or sorted otherwise) , top center shows where monsters have spawned for those channels that are using the BlushyFaceBot and allow their channel to spawn monsters. Down to the center left is a recap of battles done to the boss and to the right is the main screen that shows the battles. This is not finalized as i would like to have a better design but I’m working on it. Users can view their items / inventory through the web and can set items before battling a boss so it’s not an optimal design for mobile users but if anyone has ideas how to make it better (excluding whispers since those are rate limited) i’m all ears!

The battles itself will be the same as in my other posts here





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