Blumics #1 WIP

So I’ve been working on a proper comics with panels (I know it’s still not professional, but I’m learning as I go!) and here are the first few pages so far while the first “full” edition will be released later this month.

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Feedback is very appreciated and can be posted here. If you have ideas how I can improve just let me know why so I can work on improving my art / page placement etc. Expect the full Blumics #1 at/near the end of the month which includes an actual story, coloring pages, character profiles, fan art (if any), news & updates about my Twitch stream and progress of my Twitch bots, credits / shout out page for those that support me doing this etc.

As I want as many people to read my content, my stuff is free for everyone to enjoy and if you like it consider becoming my Patreon or donate/tip me for my work. Regardless I hope you like it!




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