Blushy pets

Blushy pets is part pet raising like tamagothi and battles like Final fantasy style mixed with beat em up elements.

How it works
Every viewer in chat has 1 default (but random) pet from the available pet pool when joining a Twitch channel for the first time that runs the bot. The pet(s) are yours to raise and you can take care of your pet by giving them items that can improve their stats during a battle or equipment to make the pet have stronger attacks, defense or better hit / dodge chance etc. The pets are picked randomly from viewers in chat to fight during the stream.

!checkpetstats <petname>

Current features
– twitch integration
– support for cheers / tips (streamlabs) as a way to gain EXP to level up pets
– open source (no support as I’m still working it but if you have encountered any bugs feel free to let me know)
– written in c# with support for several databases (MsSql first and other databases supported later)
– can be self hosted (1 click run) or on a server
– web based meaning it can be included in OBS/Xsplit as a browser source and works for any Twitch channel
– battles mechanics are inspired by final fantasy active battle (stamina/turn speed) with beat em up elements
– pets can unlock moves when leveling
– can have 1 active pet but multiple pets can be owned to form a team
– user inventory
– boss battles (similar like Bit Boss but now a group of viewers can try to defeat the boss together)
– etc as more features are to be implemented (check discord for latest updates)

Demo / WIP
The latest WIP version can be found in my channel when I stream (

Twitch demo

Watch live video from BlushyFace on



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