Stream schedule (GMT+1):
Times are start time and end time depends per stream, also the schedule is not final but rather an indication. If I happen to play games with people or work on community projects I may stream that as well.

Monday: no stream
Tuesday: no stream
Wednesday: evening ~10:00pm
Thursday: evening ~10:00 pm
Friday: evening  ~10:00 pm
Saturday: evening ~8:00pm
Sunday:  evening  ~8:00 pm

Watch the stream here


Here is a list of games / projects I’m planning to stream / streaming:
Note: if you want me to stream something specific let me know before I start.

striked items are on hold / not playing

GameCurrent progressGoal
Overwatchcurrently ~1k srreach gold league before end of season (2k+ sr)
Disgaea 5post gamebasically finished streaming this game but can do post game stuff
Super robot Wars Z 3.2last few scenarios remainfinish the game
Apex Legendsreach first place solo or in squad at least once
DOOM (2016)still early (Chapter 4?)Finish the game
Metro: 2033 (redux)Just startedFinish the game
Metro: Last Light (redux)none, starting when Metro: 2033 is doneFinish the game
Bayonettanot started yetFinish the game
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2Finished storyS rank every quest
Dragon Ball FusionsJust startedFinish the game

I have more games in my Steam library but these are the games I’m interested in streaming at the moment. If you have a suggestion however for a game I have and want me to stream let me know.


Community projectsCurrent progressOther info
Blumics Mini Comicswhen I have written down a sizable story or someone gives me a suggestion. Until then they are mainly short stories (1/3 pages?)community web comics
Blumics Quickieswhenever I have a silly idea (feel free to suggest)community web comics
BlushyFaceBotcommunity requested features are all implementedCommunity bot
Super Blushy Warsmost of the functions are written, just need artworklink to SBW
BlushyAvatarscurrently setting up project and writing down models before implementing
Community art requestnone, all requests finished
Blumics the video gamePlayable but project is on hold due lack of time to draw the artworklink to Blumics the video game

Community projects and progress can be found in our Discord.


EventsWhenOther info
Twitch affiliate anniversary
Celebrating my Twitch affiliate anniversary -> April 29th (2nd year!)Opening my 1000+ Overwatch lootboxes (finally!)

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