About Blushy avatars

Finding interesting ways to interact with viewers is something that can make streaming fun, so while I was wondering what project I would do next I came across Stream Avatars and wanted to make my own version with feedback and features from the community and here we are.

In short Blushy avatars is web “widget” where each viewer in a channel on Twitch is represented as an avatar and can perform actions that are defined in the avatar meta data such as run, walk, idle etc.When a viewer chats it will also popup the message on screen and comes with text to speech.


  • each viewer / user in chat is represented as an avatar
  • each avatar has one or more actions that are defined in its meta data file (its basically a plain text file containing avatar properties)
  • adding avatars is as easy as creating a sprite sheet and corresponding text file
  • beside definable avatar actions that are specific for each avatar there are also built in actions such as making the avatar go left, right or sit still etc
  • users that are chatting will be shown as if the avatar is talking including the use of text to speech
  • support for broadcaster / moderator actions such as removing / banning avatars or add random named avatar that does its own thing
  • support for specific user avatar meaning that an avatar can 0nly be used for that user and no one else (for example sub / vip avatars that can only be used by that sub / vip)
  • the provided avatar layout is a default layout but can can be used as a template to customize it any way you want
  • .. and more being worked on! Got feedback / suggestions? Let me know in our discord :)!

WIP / to do

  • customization options such as background / avatar settings
  • to do -> channel currency for users to buy items such as accessories, effects and / or avatars to change between them!
  • to do -> configuration options such as giving users roles and currency gain vs (users with no role, VIP etc), item / avatar costs etc
  • to do -> support for Twitch emotes
  • random avatars that pop up and say something or perform an action(s) etc (configurable)
  • support for 3rd party API such as Streamlabs for donations (fire up an avatar action when someone donates etc)
  • support for mini games like moving to another avatar, throw a snowball, start a mini fight and watch other avatars cheer you on (or not) etc..
  • .. basically a lot more! Got feedback / suggestions? Let me know in our discord :)!

Random thoughts

  • with the idea of adding mini games would it be an idea to add additional avatar properties such as a health indicator so that avatars can do a game over animation etc?
  • Blushy Avatars supports multi channel so would it be an idea to add cross channel avatar meaning that the avatar looks the same in every channel where Blushy Avatars is used?
    -> this feature doesn’t really matter for broadcasters but for the viewer it might be cool to see their own avatar do its thing and look the same through out (until the user changes it)

Things to know

  • channels with a large number of viewers (~400+) may show some lag. This is dependent on the PC it’s run on but any recent and decent should run without any issues.
  • the client can be fully customized (colors, avatar actions such as movement etc) and dev notes are added here and there to give an idea how things can be done
  • the user that chatted most recent will be shown first for visibility by default
  • there is no restriction for joining multiple channels to read other channels chat and show their avatar but keep in mind to ask for permission first
  • text to speech voices can be changed or fully turned off
  • to connect to your channel you need to setup Blushy Avatars by going to /setup/config.txt
  • no read me file is provided as it should be pretty straightforward but if you have questions feel free to join our discord for further help by our community
  • to add an avatar all there is to do is to draw a sprite sheet (or ask someone), create a text file with avatar actions and add it to the /Assets/avatar folder, that’s it!
    -> to add an action you can use the blushyface avatar file as template as that contains the latest info that is used to create actions

These and many more features are being worked on and if you want to follow the progress you can join our community discord to check out the relevant channel(s), say hi to the community and get up to date with the latest community news.

If you are interested in supporting my creative content consider becoming an insider / small donation (Streamlabs / direct Paypal) to support me creating more content but certainly not required as I do this as a hobby and mainly for fun and, learning experience and something to show for. With enough support however it is possible to think about doing this full time and realize many other ideas I have but not nearly enough time to work on everything I want. Thank you.


Work in Progress / screenshots

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