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Author Topic: What would be a fun leveling system to implement?  (Read 2541 times)

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What would be a fun leveling system to implement?
« on: November 27, 2019, 12:27:14 AM »
So I have a basic leveling system implemented that does nothing more than leveling up at a linear rate and reaching a certain amount of experience it unlocks certain things that can be a new move such as an attack etc.

At the moment experience gained is based on being in chat and bonus exp when actually chatting (subs have an extra 1.x multiplier as thanks for supporting my stuff) but I'm looking for a more fun way to gain exp and ideas what to unlock besides the basic stuff like gain hit points / stamina and skills that can be used in battle.

So all things said, to summarize what I'm asking for is what kind of leveling system would be fun to implement and how should it work so i can write it into BlushyAvatars. Idea's are welcome so we can have a fun mini game during a stream where everyone in chat can participate in.

An example of leveling would be

Next level = currentEXPRequired = (level + (level * 175) + 1000)

This would mean a new starting character that starts at level 1 has 1176 EXP or more and a level 100 character has 988800 EXP or more. Now that we know how much is required to level the next step is to find ways to gain them. As said before being in chat and chatting are 2 ways to gain but wouldn't it be more fun to have more ways such as able to trade channel currency for EXP potions or buy an EXP item that passively gains you additional EXP etc? Well this is where I'm stuck at at the moment. So let me ask you instead, what would you like to have in a leveling system and how would you like to gain exp to unlock stuff and what would like to to see unlocked?
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