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Title: [WIP] BlushyFace -> Planet Blushy
Post by: BlushyFace on December 19, 2018, 07:30:09 PM
Character: BlushyFace
Name: BlushBomb

Unlocked at: TBD
Base damage: TBD
Stamina costs: TBD
Requires additional character: no

Description: this is intended to be a "Super", the idea is to call planet blushy and asks if it can help him which then drops down on the enemy doing massive damage. Additional scenes include planet blushy doing a "thumbs up" after it hits the target at blushyface while he waves back + flying at high speed across the universe to where blushy is.

An alternative idea would be that Blushy calls someone and the Blushies on planet blushy picks up the phone and then starts building an engine that enables the planet to fly and then drop down to the enemy while planet blushy is confused whats happening.