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Author Topic: [Requests] Sprite sheets  (Read 4940 times)

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[Requests] Sprite sheets
« on: August 05, 2019, 09:58:54 PM »

Those that are interested in helping out creating animated sprite sheets can find the list below with a description what I'm looking for. Sprite sheets that are done or work in progress are marked with [name of creator] behind the sprite sheet. The basic idea is to have various avatars that people can collect / use and make it more interesting overall as each avatar is unique though can be similar as well.

General guideline
 ~4/8+ frames each per animation up to the designer but should look smooth and must be able to transition between moves (e.g.when walking and then jumps the transition should look smooth) , animation size 64x64 / 32x32, each animation must be in its own row when making a spritesheet that contains multiple moves. To help ease that you can use a tool I wrote here -> https://blushyface.com/b/2019/08/21/featured/blushyface-util-extracting-gif-files-to-sprite-sheet/ , the tool can convert GIFs to sprite sheet or combine multiple PNGs animation / moves into a single sprite sheet.

Looking for someone to make one or more of the following sprite sheets:

-> various RPG like monsters for example various slimes, skeletons, orcs, ogres, dragons
-> various Blushy characters (blushyface, pillow, wifly, killerjuicy, blushbee, fly vampire, woodtree, blicken the chicken, bloud the cloud, blunny the sunny etc)
-> various food themed characters (bread, cookie, carrot, jellybeans, various sushi's etc)
-> various background characters that are shown in the background (like a flying bird, clouds, grass, houses / skyscrapers etc, do not need to have any moves apart from being in the background)
-> various game themed characters for example overwatch

Note #1: avatars have upgrade paths for example when blushyface reaches level 30 it can be upgraded to a different "stronger" version, changes should be subtle but noticeable for example adding auras (see optional but highly desirable below)
Note #2: provide a definition file for each move can be provided for example specify walking speed for each avatar or how much damage an attack does etc. An example how a definition file looks like can be found here -> http://blushyface.com/c/resources/character-requirements/msg28/#msg28

General avatar moves
The moves below applies for EACH avatar, ideally a move can have multiple variations (marked with "various") so keep that in mind.

Minimum for each avatar:
-> idle (side, front and back view)
-> walk
-> run
-> jump
-> celebrate (various)
-> attack (various)
-> defense / block
-> got hit / hurt / taking damage animation (various)
-> dizzy / faint
-> dead animation (various)

Optional but highly desirable moves (do when minimum is done):
-> thumbs up / yay / hurray (this is similar to celebrate)
-> "parachute" when avatars fall from the airplane

Optional but highly desirable general animations to make it look better overall
-> various join / leave chat animations like a "poof cloud"
-> various running move animation like a "dust cloud"
-> various aura's (like DBZ -> yellow (or any color really) glow around the character), lightning sparks all round the avatar, static discharge on the ground etc
-> various backgrounds, doesn't need to be animated but does need to be pixel art

-> bomb + various explosion animations (or any other explosives like TNT etc)
-> various poke balls (to capture avatars)
-> faint / dizzy stars (like when an avatar is down to 0 HP)
-> dust cloud (a running dust cloud)
-> healing item (something that shows that it recovers HP)
-> various gold coins / pile of gold etc
--> got a suggestion for an item? Let me know!

Character specific moves


-> airplane (this can be larger than 64x64 as the idea is that avatars jump down from it for a battle royale fight)
-> various parachutes

When you have made a sprite sheet feel free to reply here below so I can add it and add you to the credits list + link to your social media / Twitch etc.
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