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Want to support creative content with your pc? Check out BlushyMiner!

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What is this?
BlushyMiner is a cryptocurrency mining tool (wrapper with optimized settings so that users don't have to do tedious configuring for optimal mining results) that supports multiple mining networks to allow mining digital coins such as ETH (Ethereum) but support for other networks are being implemented. Using BlushyMineris an alternative way for the community to support my creative content by mining digital coins together. If you are using BlushyMiner you get the BlushyMiner role when in Discord:

How to use it?
1: download latest version of BlushyMiner here: and extract the files in a directory and click BlushyMiner.exe
2 (optionally): custom args / wallet address is supported. Check config.txt for more info.

When running BlushyMiner your worker name will be shown in my Twitch stream overlay for using the tool

Updates can be found here:

Source code / 3rd party
BlushyMiner source code is hosted by a community member and can be found here:

Feedback / suggestions
Feel free to leave feedback and / or suggest ideas to have certain features to be included. This can be done in the BlushyMiner category -> or our Discord:

Note: some antivirus scanners might detect BlushyMiner as a virus, this is a FALSE positive. I've scanned my tools before uploading and tested it @ which came out clean see screenshot so there is nothing to worry but just in case, if you don't trust my tools i recommend to not use it.
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  • Getting a error saying
    "Not enough storage is available to process this command."?

    What you will need to do is install Notepad++

    Notepad++ 32-bit

    After Notepad++ is installed. Right click on "config.txt"

    Click on "Edit with Notepad++."

    You either remove the code (Recommended)
    optionalargs=--opencl-device 0 --opencl-platform 1
    Or change this to (Not Recommended)
    optionalargs=--opencl-device 1--opencl-platform 0

    - xXRobman2016Xx
    Blushy's Guinea Pig
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