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[Feature] BlushyFaceBot cheer hashtag feature

BlushyFaceBot now has a feature that allows viewers to cheer with a specific hashtag for example #blushy, #blumics etc. The bits from the cheer will be added up as total for that hashtag.

You can use any hashtags you want but it only goes towards the first hashtag you include in the message (not possible to cheer towards multiple goals in one cheer atm but I can write it so that any hashtags included the bits will be divided evenly among them)

At the moment the cheer goals are:

Blumics characters can also be cheered that you are fan of and want me to draw them more often in my web comics:


Bsically any hashtag can be used to cheer but there is no goal for that besides showing how much is cheered for (total) such as #support if you want to cheer and also let people know you support the channel etc.

The below image hopefully explains it.


  • Updated with "AddedByUserIdFk" when cheering with a new hashtag, it includes who was the first to use the hashtag.
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