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BlushyFace pets, raise your pet in a final fantasy style game with beat em up elements for streamers

edited January 16 in Developers
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let people know that follow my work that despite the lack of updates for the pets game I'm still working on it (albeit slower than I want due to real life commitments and focus on drawing stuff for my (BlushyFace comics).

In short the BlushyFaceBot pet addon project consists of these parts:
- BlushyFaceBot library that contains the core functions needed to run the game
- web game client written in combination of HTML/JS so that broadcasters can add the game as a browser source
- database to store user info such as pets / inventory items etc
- website / web interface to allow setting up the game online and to show user and pet info / stats and able to setup their pet moves / skills etc

The basic game is working and tested with live viewers but now comes the part where I'm looking for artists to do proper art / SFX etc while I focus on implementing other game mechanics that could be fun to have.

Want to help?
At the moment I'm looking for people that can provide art such as (animated) pets, GFX such as explosions etc and / or SFX such as punch / pet moves as well as someone that want / can brainstorm about various topics such as game mechanics that people might want to have.

Work in progress VODS various builds (drawing the character moves)

Work in progress screenshots

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