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[BlushyFaceBot] Hostmode added (host/unhost and who host channel info)

by BlushyFace

Today I’ve added a few new commands for the BlushyFaceBot that are related to hosting and can be used by the broadcaster or moderators in the channel. Note that for the bot to be able to host, you need to add the bot as an editor in your channel.

New commands

!host this command hosts a random channel that the broadcaster is following and is currently streaming
!unhost this command unhosts the hosted channel
!whohostsme or !whohostsme <channel name> shows who is hosting your channel or add a channel name to see who is hosting this channel

Something I want to add but not done because my bot isn’t on 24/7 is that the BlushyFaceBot will automatically host someone in the follower list when not streaming and when that hosted channel goes offline, try to host someone that is online so basically the channel is either live broadcasting or hosting someone else.

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