<<– note: for Blumics the video game check here instead: blushyface.com/b/blumics-the-game-blushypets/

What is Super Blushy Wars?
Super Blushy Wars is our latest community project and it’s a (multiplayer) strategy game for the PC based on our web comic characters with game mechanics inspired from SRW. While the game takes game mechanics from SRW it also takes feedback from the community to include other gameplay mechanics that makes up for a diverse and fun game.

Gameplay / summary
The game is played on a 2d map where characters move around destroying other units while gaining EXP to level up, unlock abilities, gain in-game currency by destroying enemies to buy items to upgrade their mech etc and each player can unlock characters and mechs to be deployed on the battlefield to fight against the AI or other players.

Progress report
The latest updates can be found in our discord or our forum dedicated to Super Blushy Wars.


Work in progress images

dynamic attack scenes:


synced clients (multiplayer ready):

scenario text:

scrollable maps:

animated tiles:

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