originally started out as a forum where people could engage in off-stream discussions based on my Twitch channel but it lacked any real activity so the decision was made to turn it into a blog to post creative content or anything related while adding a Discord server for people to join and hang out with. Fast forward to today the site is doing pretty well with around 30/50 visitors a day and growing!

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions / feedback feel free to join us in our Discord channel and / or feel free to share the website to anyone that might enjoy it!

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Mini FAQ

Q) What content can I find on this website?
A) Creative content such as art / web comics called Blumics (BlushyFace’s web comics) as well as posts about other stuff I do such as (but not limited to) developing Twitch bots or game dev etc.

Q) What is (a) Blumics?
A) Blumics stands for “BlushyFace’s web comics” and features various characters based on my Twitch / Patreon subs so if you are one you might read yourself!

Q) Why does your art look so.. weird?
A) Thanks, that’s how I draw my stuff. You can say it’s my style but that’s just an excuse for drawing badly.

Q) Do you draw other things besides Blumics?
A) Yes, I love to draw dragon ball stuff such as this , this and this but generally draw whatever comes to mind. You can also find some of my other art I made during my creative streams here.

Q) Can I use your art?
A) Sure, but consider linking back  and let me know where you use my art.

Q) Do you take any commissions? / I want you to draw me something
A) Sure but if you want something that actually looks good you might want to ask someone else. That said just PM me on Discord if you are sure you want me to draw you something (personally).

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