Herrow every Blushies, it’s me BlushyFace I’m an aspiring artist and here is where I post my pagies! I’m from Planet Blushy and landed on Earth not too long ago because I’ve been told that there is lots of amazing chewy chewy delicious yummies food here on Earth to try so I’m ready to taste test everything I can get my hands on! The bad thing though is that while I was flying in my second hand BLUFO it crashed due lack of maintenance while trying to find a place to land and its now a little bit broken so I need to fix it before I can get back to planet Blushy. It’s OK though, something tells me I’ll be here for a long time regardless.

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That said that my story and here is where I post my creative content such as Blumics (BlushyFace comics) for anyone that wants to read about the adventures of Blushies. My goal is to create a fun comics suitable for anyone with my weird humor added to it and I hope you enjoy reading them, I sure have fun creating them xD

Check out the characters list: blushyface.com/blumics/blumics-characters/
Check out the people that support my Blumics: blushyface.com/blumics/support-blumics/

Oh, and I also stream on my Twitch channel here: www.twitch.tv/blushyface where I play games (usually multiplayer / coop games) or do a creative stream where I draw Blumics (beware of spoilers!), my channel also features other Blushies that stream there too besides me so it’s basically a group of people that stream.

Either way, thank you for stopping by, it means a lot to me when people check out my (creative) content whether like it or not. If you like my creative content however feel free to share my page(s) to anyone that might enjoy reading it as well!

Mini FAQ
Q) What is a Blumics?
A) Blumics stands for BlushyFace web comics and started out as a joke drawing and it grew into this.

Q) Why does your art look so stupid?
A) Thanks, It’s just how I draw my stuff. You can say it’s my art style but that’s just an excuse for drawing badly.

Q) Do you draw other things besides Blumics?
A) Yes, I love to draw dragon ball stuff such as this , this and this but generally draw whatever comes to mind. You can find some of my other art in the “Misc” drop down list selection -> blushyface.com/blumics/comic/prev-unreleased-wip-sketches/

Q) Can I use your art?
A) Sure, but consider linking back to the site blushyface.com/ , let me know where you use it though would love to see where it’s used 🙂

Q) Do you take any commissions?
A) Generally no but if you really want me to draw you some personal art that a 6 year old can do better then contact me by replying below or join my discord and PM me. My art style is for people with an acquired taste xD

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