Blumics characters are based on viewers from my Twitch channel ( If you like the web comics and want to support Blumics check the support page here.

BlushyFace, likes to stream on Twitch and somehow always gets involved in silly situations.
Pillow, she is fluffy and usually the one that gets everyone out of a weird situation. Also bad with any tech and gadgets.
WiFly, is BlushyFace minion in tech support and likes gadgets, often makes fun of Pillow.
FlyVampire, is a mosquito that is out for blood (but actually ketchup and teases BlushyFace)
BlushBee, is BlushyFace and Pillows friend. Also loves to make honey!
KillerJuice, a can that contain liquids such as poison or yummy drinks.
Woodie, runs a store with lots of food, also likes to cosplay trees.
I-Human, many believe I-Human is actually not really a human, also BlushyFace’s boss.
Bloud the Clouds, silly clouds that talk to each other making sarcastic comments.
Jellybeans,  jellybeans move together, rarely alone and most of them are afraid of BlushyFace.

Background story for each of the characters will be revealed as the story goes on.

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