>> link to initial idea I had for Blumics the video game

Blumics the video game (also known as BlushyPets) is a browser based multiplayer turn based final fantasy style game with beat em up elements where viewers fights each other and earn loot to level up their pet and unlock new skills created by people from the community.

Current state of the game is that the base game is done but want to add more game play mechanics and at least work on better looking art for the animations / moves before releasing the game for anyone that want to use this on their Twitch channel!

Blumics the video game feature list:
– characters are based on Blumics
– raise and upgrade pets and or unlock new pets to create a team with the strongest pets
– pet skills are unlocked when leveling up and each skill can be upgraded / enhanced
– pets can quip loot and use items during battle
– battles are VS AI or other viewers and can be done team based or solo
– player vs AI are stage based and has boss fights, each stage is more difficult than the one before but also better rewards
– website with owner pets and info such as skills, stats (health points, strength, stamina etc), win/lose ratio, leader-board etc
– website with a shop for pet owners to buy / sell loot and includes an action house run by other players
– and more being worked on behind the scenes but not ready to show yet

The basic game is working and tested with viewers during a few live stream sessions but now comes the part where I’m looking for artists to do proper art / SFX etc while I focus on implementing other game mechanics that could be fun to have.

Want to help?
At the moment I’m looking for people that can provide art such as (animated) pets, GFX such as explosions etc and / or SFX such as punch / pet moves as well as someone that want / can brainstorm about various topics such as game mechanics that people might want to have.

Work in progress Twitch VODS various builds
www.twitch.tv/videos/177662585 (drawing the character moves)

Youtube VODS
BlushyPets | 2017/august build: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKu6sIsMnBg
BlushyPets | 2017/september build: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDYhU4DNur0

Work in progress screenshots
18m3zc1ljw1s - Blumics the video game
9TmYRTT - Blumics the video game
67LGNNY - Blumics the video game
Yj6asUc - Blumics the video game
rJ26TQq - Blumics the video game
W1HFlC0 - Blumics the video game

ajax loader - Blumics the video game