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Blumics the video game (also known as BlushyPets) is a community supported browser based multiplayer game that is inspired by final fantasy and comes with beat em up elements where characters fight each other and earn loot to level up and unlock new skills based by suggestions by the community.

Characters are based on the web comics and currently focused on developing the core features rather than spending too much time to update the current placeholder art I’ve made. The project is open to anyone that is interested in contributing to the game (see below) and the source code and assets (depending if the people that helped allows it) will be released once I’m confident it works without any major issues so that anyone that wants an interactive game for their stream can have so.

Blumics the video game feature list:
– characters are based on Blumics (web comics)
– raise and upgrade your favorite web comics character and / or unlock new ones to create your strongest team to take to battle!
– character skills are unlocked when leveling up and each skill can be upgraded / enhanced
– characters can quip loot and use items during battle
– battles are VS AI or other viewers and can be done team based or solo
– player vs AI are stage based and has boss fights, each stage is more difficult than the one before but also better rewards
– website with owner pets and info such as skills, stats (health points, strength, stamina etc), win/lose ratio, leader-board etc
– website with a shop for pet owners to buy / sell loot and includes an action house run by other players
– and more being worked on behind the scenes but not ready to show yet

Features may get added or be put on hold depending on what the community wants.

The base game is working and tested with viewers during a few live stream sessions but now comes the part where I’m looking for artists to do proper art / SFX etc while I focus on implementing other game mechanics that could be fun to have.

Want to help or check progress?
Cool, join our discord! At the moment I’m looking for people that can help me create art such as (animated) characters, GFX such as explosions etc and / or SFX such as punch / character moves as well as someone that want / can brainstorm about various topics such as game mechanics that people might want to have.

Work in progress Twitch VODS various builds
www.twitch.tv/videos/177662585 (drawing the character moves)

Youtube VODS
BlushyPets | 2017/august build: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKu6sIsMnBg
BlushyPets | 2017/september build: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDYhU4DNur0

Work in progress screenshots

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