This weeks plan is to create more pixel art animations and practice doing so. I have a few in mind to create such as:

– Blushy cheeseburger cosplay (Blushy as cheeseburger with cheese tongue) done
– Blushy drums done
– Blushy the DJ done
– Blushy rolling (from laughing)
– Blushy rolling uncontrollable (OW hamster / wrecking ball)
– Blushy pew pew pew (CSGO)
– Blushy emotes (various animations)
– BlushBee various animations (I’ll think of something when I get to it)
– Pillow with kitchen roller that looks like a fish
– Pillow skeptical look
– Pillow running
– Woodie redesign (the tree i was making feels kinda out of place, prob a redesign to a blushy one)

– sorry no new page(s) this week, reason is that I’m rewriting my Blumics with an introductory story to slowly introduce each character for new readers instead of going right into the story.

Blumics the game
– redo old art into pixel art and use them as game assets. More info about the Blushy game can be found here.

Quickies drawings
– whenever I have a silly idea I’ll draw and post them in the quickies here.

Want to request art for me to draw?
Art requests are open for subs and drawn during creative streams, just let me know in the Discord server sub channel


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