What is an “insider”?

Insiders get exclusive access to (early) work and are usually people that like the web comics so much that they want to support me doing this regularly.

By becoming an insider (and depending on tier) you get instant access to my latest artwork including (but not limited to):

Tier 1

  • A big thanks from me for supporting my web comics and keeping the site ad free (cause who likes ads?)
  • your own web comic character
  • early access to each web comic page and previews before it’s published
  • “Insider / V.I.B (Very Important Blushy)” role in Discord
  • art requests when doing creative streams on Twitch
  • access Insiders only content in Discord -> discord.gg/Z7fYft4

Tier 2

  • includes previous tier
  • your character comes with it’s own origin story
  • access to unreleased behind-the-scenes material and high resolution web comics
  • access to sketches that didn’t make it to the website

Tier 3

  • includes previous tier
  • rights to use / modify my art and include it in anything you want (let me know where, I’m curious!)


  • there are several tiers for those that want to support me on Patreon.

Twitch sub

  • subscribing with Twitch also unlocks my global emotes to be used in Discord and other perks that comes with being a Twitch sub.
  • Twitch tier 1 sub includes the first two tiers (tier 1 and 2) listed above


  • want to support my web comics but can’t sub because you don’t use Twitch / Patreon?
  • when supporting using paypal include your username / discord name to give you the perk


If you want to support the web comics but can’t subscribe consider a tip, thank you!

Humble Bundle parter link

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