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Blumics is mainly self funded as a hobby site to show my (creative) content that I spend a lot of time working on for anyone that is interested in my stuff but donations / tips are appreciated to help cover hosting (bandwidth, file storage, domain etc) and kick start other Blumics related projects that I’m working on behind the scenes such as: blushyface.com/blumics/blumics-the-game-blushypets/ which is in a playable state but very basic and not released yet until I’ve added everything I want that makes it fun to play (which is still a lot to do). Who would have thought writing a game alone could be this time consuming.. I do!

Sure why not, I can donate / tip a dollar or two for entertaining me with your content
Thanks and appreciated. Aspiring artists can’t live off from exposure 😉 Here are some links where you can support Blumics.

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