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For info about the site check out the about Blushyface.com page.

Links that support my content
Tipjar (donation / tip with an alerts on my Twitch channel): streamlabs.com/blushyface
Tipjar (alternative donation / tip): paypal.me/blushyface
Twitch subscribe: twitch.tv/subs/blushyface
Patreon subscribe: patreon.com/Blushyface
Humble Bundle. When purchasing games with my partner link I get a small percentage of the sale: humblebundle.com/?partner=blushyface
Game gift to stream on my Twitch channel: steamcommunity.com/id/BlushyFace

Supporting my content also come with the following perks:
– an alert that shows up on my Twitch channel with your donation name
– any $1 donation or more comes with a quickie you can request me to draw

In addition, being a sub comes with the following perks:
– you as a character in my Blumics / general art
– art requests during creative streams (but do the actual art request in our discord channel so I can keep track of them)
– download art files (original PSD files or other image format such as PNG / JPG / BMP etc)
– sub role in Discord
– access sub only Discord channel & voice chat
– (twitch only) sub badge / emotes
– (twitch only) access to VODS
– song requests to be played during stream
– add your Twitch channel to my discord server that announces your channel when live
– add to my auto host list to host when you are streaming
– add to shout out page here (with a link to your twitch stream / social media)

Your support helps with (but not limited to):
– Blumics (free hard copy (excl shipping fee) will be send when I’ve made it that far as appreciation for supporting my work + personal message)
Blushy the video game based on Blumics characters
– hardware upgrades to provide the best streaming experience possible and able to create content properly
– making my art available for both personal and commercial usage (my original files are posted in the discord sub channel)
– regular content

Thanks every blushies
Last but not least I want to thank everyone that are or have supported my creative content and allowing me to do this more than just a hobby!

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