Blushyface.com is a community website related to my Twitch live streams where I post content about “Blushies” and blog about my Twitch dev projects and other subjects to a lesser degree.

What are Blushies? Blushies are comical creatures based on my viewers (but mainly  my Twitch / Patreon subscribers) that are featured in (short) stories / (mini) web comics and projects such as Super Blushy Wars, a turn based strategy game based loosely on my stories with game-play such as unit management to create a balanced team to do battle. Another project is BlushyAvatars, a browser source overlay where you catch and collect various Blushies during a live stream while they move around performing various actions.

Other Twitch chat bots / tools I wrote can also be found here. If you have an idea what I should make next let me know and maybe that will be the next community project to develop!

I’m also open for commissions such as Twitch dev related projects such as creating Twitch / art (twitch emotes / badges etc).

We also have a community Discord server if you want to get involved or want to know what’s going on behind the scenes you are welcome to join us in our Discord server here!

– BlushyFace


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Twitch auto clip tool

A clip tool that auto clips when someone in chat cheer / (re) subscribes to create a collection of streamer / chat highlights. Comes with chat and auto clip history with a link to the clip. Features – auto clip...

September 26, 2021
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