Twitch auto clip tool

A clip tool that auto clips when someone in chat cheer / (re) subscribes to create a collection of streamer / chat highlights. Comes with chat and auto clip history with a link to the clip. Features – auto clip...

September 26, 2021
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Twitch auth example

[Update] Added support for optional states that is managed inside BlushyFace.Twitch.Authentication and renamed some methods so it’s more clear what they do but it is not updated in the [original] post below.   [Original] BlushyFace.Twitch.Authentication is a lightweight C# .NET...

Connect to Twitch chat

Started rewriting BlushyFace.Twitch.Chat into BlushyFace.Twitch.Chat.V2 because while v1 is a rewrite ported from my .NET FX version I wasn’t totally happy with it and decided to just rewrite it in it’s entirely. This is a work in progress but the...

August 26, 2021

Generate Twitch auth tokens

An example how to generate Twitch access tokens with custom scopes. The example requires BlushyFace.Twitch.Authentication and BlushyFace.Common.HTTP to run a local HTTP server. using System.Collections.Specialized; using BlushyFace.Common.HTTP; using BlushyFace.Config; using BlushyFace.Twitch.API.Auth; using BlushyFace.Twitch.API.Auth.ResponseObjects; using Newtonsoft.Json; namespace BlushyFace.Examples { public static...

Send a whisper to a user

Requires – BlushyFace.Twitch.Chat.V2.Chat   In this example we are sending a whisper from BlushyFace to BlushyFaceBot. Note that sending whispers to another user requires an authenticated user login with the following scope: whispers:edit var client = new Client(userName: “blushyface”, token:...

August 26, 2021