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Pictionary bot

A bot to play pictionary with viewers on Twitch. The pictionary bot whispers a random word from a word list for the streamer to draw while the chat attempts guess the word. Note that the bot at this time does not provide any user interface that lets the streamer to draw on so using a (free) drawing application is recommended in combination with the bot.



  • leader board to show top players such as score / words guessed
  • score points system
  • load words from a text file and / or have viewers add words to be included in the word list
  • whisper the broadcaster with the word(s) to draw so the answer cannot be seen in chat
  • manual or auto play (auto play is the same as manual but the game continues after someone guesses the word or after the guess timer expires)
  • support for custom SFX such as when word is guessed (applause)
  • word hints that show up to make it easier to guess the word (can be disabled)
  • various settings such as guess timer, points for correct guess etc



  • !playpictionary
  • !autoplay


Image and VOD demo below

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