Super Blushy Wars

What is Super Blushy Wars?

Super Blushy Wars is a turn based strategy and management game featuring Blushies with game mechanics inspired from various turn based strategy games such as SRW with the story based loosely on the novel.


The game is played with a top down view in a 2d map with various objectives (per map) such as destroying enemy units or protect friendly unit(s) depending on mission objective and supports multiplayer for those that want to team up against the AI or play against other players. At the start you have a handful of Blushies (which are the originals) but you can recruit more as you play. If you have Blushies that you don’t want to take to missions you can also send them to dispatch missions that will take (real) time to finish making them unavailable to select for the duration of the dispatch mission but in return they earn EXP, items or receive new Blushies when completed. You can upgrade various stats and unlock skills by spending upgrade points or in game currency to enhance your favorite Blushies.


  • create and manage your roster with your favorite Blushies
  • Blushies are based on my Twitch / Patreon sub, if you are a sub you can play your own Blushy
  • unlock Blushies and create the ultimate roster as you progress the story
  • unlock (dynamic) attacks as you level up your roster
  • spend upgrade points or in game currency to upgrade your roster
  • pair up Blushies to gain team bonuses, paired up Blushies can gain additional bonuses depending on paired characters and units
  • local shop to buy / sell various items to enhance your team roster and upgrade Blushies
  • global shop to buy / sell / trade Blushies or items between players
  • unit AI can be set if you want to watch your roster fight it out instead of taking manual control
  • multiplayer to play coop against the AI or against other players
  • leaderboard (per map, destroyed enemies, highest damage, turns taken etc)
  • and more being worked on!

Progress report

At the moment the focus is to implement game mechanics that I think is interesting and fun to play with (and scrap when the implemented idea is less fun than hoped) and later on replace placeholder assets with proper art when I have the time to properly do it. The latest news & updates can be found in our discord.

Early work in progress

The version below was made using Phaser 3 and .NET Core as backend but is being remade using Godot as the preferred game engine.


Dynamic action scenes when units attack. (this is not actual game-play)



Some mechanics that are done is “unit movement and attack range”.

An attack animation plays out when a unit attacks.

Flying and ground movement. Units that fly can move over water tiles while ground units cannot.