Added sub points / total to GetBroadcasterSubscriptions()

The endpoint now supports total subscribers and subscriber point which is added to the Twitch API lib.


How to use

var subscribers = await _twitchAPI.Helix.Subscriptions.GetBroadcasterSubscriptionsAsync(broadcasterId: "...");

//get total broadcaster subscribers and subscriber points and write it to console
Console.WriteLine($"{subscribers.Total} {subscribers.Points}");

I’ve also updated the SubscriptionResponse() class as I noticed that there were a few missing properties since I last updated it so the full response data should now look like this:

Went ahead and also updated the utility class to show the caller class and missing properties from the Twitch API endpoints so it’s easier to know where to add new ones when they are introduced by Twitch.

Example output when missing the properties in my response classes: