Get involved

Most content on the site is created by me (BlushyFace) but I’m always looking for contributors that want to join and help grow the universe of Blushies and make it an enjoyably experience for visitors to read or give suggestions / feedback where I can improve upon. If you want to get involved you can help with:

  • ideas for (story) stories and assist in writing / proofread
  • ideas for drawing mini comics / silly Blushies
  • ideas for community projects such as Twitch chat bots / tools to develop
  • ideas for content to create related to the universe of Blushies
  • contribute to various public community projects
  • any other feedback / suggestions are also welcome

If you have made fan art / stories or anything related about Blushies and want to show it off feel free to share it in our Discord server, you get a cool “contributor” role in Discord as well if that’s your thing.