Projects / Work in progress September 26, 2021

Twitch auto clip tool

A clip tool that auto clips when someone in chat cheer / (re) subscribes to create a collection of streamer / chat highlights. Comes with chat and auto clip history with a link to the clip.


– auto clip when someone cheers / (re) subscribes
– customize the amount of bits someone cheers / sub streak before auto clip
– customize auto clip message when someone cheers for example 69 bits show a custom message in chat
– auto post to discord when an auto clip is made
– comes with a basic chat client to chat from the tool directly (supports default Twitch chat commands like /mod /ban etc)

Note: to use the twitch chat you should ideally auth with both the streamer account (to chat as) and a bot account (to post messages in chat when a clip has been made)

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